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Samples are sent directly to the Regional Cytogenetics Laboratory, Birmingham Womens Hospital.  Tel : 0121 627 2710. These requests are not processed by pathology at Good Hope Hospital. Please ensure that a cytogenetics request form is completed and sent with the samples. Please contact Biochemistry specimen reception for a Cytogenetic form.

Blood for Chromosome Analysis : 5-10ml in lithium heparin additive tubes. (Green Cap) 

Blood for DNA testing : 10-20ml. in EDTA additive tubes. (Purple Cap)

Amniotic Fluid : 10-20ml in a sterile universal container. Transport packs are available from the Laboratory (Cytogenetics Laboratory, Birmingham Womens' Hospital). Please pre-book samples with the Cytogenetics Laboratory

Skin and other Tissues : Place in sterile container with transport medium, sterile saline or PBS. Do NOT place in formalin.

Chronic Villus : Place in a sterile container with CVS transport media which is available from the laboratory. Please pre-book samples with the

Bone Marrow : Place in a sterile universal container with bone marrow transport media, containing heparin. Transport media is available from the laboratory. 

Any samples that are to be kept overnight before delivery to the laboratory should be stored at 4 degrees centigrade.  If you have any queries regarding taking samples, using the correct container or transportation to the laboratory, do not hesitate to contact the Cytogenetics department at Birmingham Maternity Hospital on 0121 627 2710

Please use the Regional Cytogenetics Request Forms (blue form)

Sample collection protocols are available from the Cytogenetics Laboratory.

Please send heart, blood, skin or gonads to: 

The Regional Cytogenetics Laboratory

Birmingham Womens Hospital

 Tel: 0121 627 2630    Fax: 0121-627-2711 
A driver from Good Hope Hospital delivers daily to the above address and leaves Pathology Reception at 1.00pm.

Clinical advice and counselling is available from:

Clinical Genetics

Birmingham Women's Hospital

Tel: 0121-627-2630