Preferred Sample Type

Red Cell Transketolase

Suitable Specimen Types

  • EDTA Whole Blood
2 mL minimum

Specimen Transport

Send at 4 ºC to Ref Lab. Must inform reference lab prior to dispatch.

Sample Processing in Laboratory

To BHH lab ASAP.

Sample Preparation

Do not centrifuge

Turnaround Time

2-7 days

Sample Stability

Preferably NOT STORED. Should be sent same day. Can be stored overnight at 4 ºC.

Red Cell Transketolase

General Information

Thiamine pyrophosphate is coenzyme to three systems one of which is transketolase: situated within the hexose monophosphate shunt. It mediates transfer of CH2OHC=O between donor and acceptor sugars. This enzyme is important in erythrocyte metabolism and its activity can therefore be used as an index of thiamine nutrition.

Insufficient dietary thiamine leads to partial inactivation of all three enzyme systems which affects the CNS before other tissues and a spectrum of neurological disorders can result including peripheral neuropathy, Wernicke’s encephalopathy and Korsakof’s psychosis.

The transketolase enzyme can be saturated by thiamine (vitamin B1) within 24 hours of vitamin therapy or return to an adequate diet. Therefore, it is desirable for the patient’s blood to be sampled as soon after admission as possible and prior to any intake of food.




Patient Preparation

Inform duty biochemist (Bleep 2506) when test is to be performed. (N.B. must get it to Medical School same day).

Ensure patient has not had any vitamin supplements since this saturates the red cells with thiamine making the test useless.


Collect sample and send to lab immediately otherwise cool sample ON ICE.

Reference Range

Reference lab will provide information.


  • EQA Status: No Scheme available.

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